Hi friend! We’re so thankful you’re here!

We are a group of gals that God orchestrated together. Our story is pretty amazing, and it started when Jena took God seriously after reading Jesus’ command in Matthew to go and make disciples.

As she stepped out in faith, God began to work in the lives of each of us, bringing us together in ways that couldn’t have happened outside of God’s hand.

We meet regularly to learn about Jesus and do life together, and then a year later, Jena felt God calling her to invite people into a dream God planted in her heart nine years ago.

As a visionary, she struggled to gain traction, and little did we know between the three of us, we cover a wide variety of skill sets that we have been amazed to discover.

While we began to meet together to see what this could become, it turned into something beyond our imagination. We are daily in awe of what God can do in the middle of community.

So what is it that we feel God calling us to?

Living our One Beautiful Life for the glory of God.

What does that look like?

Taking God at his word and living in community.

However, we’ve learned that as you take God seriously and step out in faith, fear has a way of becoming loud. This has looked different for each of us, but we’d all agree that having one another has helped us to move forward. And on the other side of fear, we’ve been able to see God in some amazing ways. Breaking us free of some lifelong fears and building in us courage for the next step he calls us to.

We are passionate about creating a community of other women who are interested in joining us on this journey. Women who want to see God come alive in their lives in ways they could have never imagined. To step forward in faith not live in fear of the God-given dreams and desires he put inside of each of us. And last but not least, help build courage in us all as we look to Jesus, so we don’t take nine years to step forward in faith instead of fear.

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