Rest & Renew

You know the saying, "drinking from a firehose"? Well, this has been the pace Gods been revealing his wisdom and truth as I begin my 38 Days of Submission. Three days in, and I'm completely overwhelmed (in a good way) with information and I have the notepads to prove it. 

I'm prone to spend my time going full force after wisdom and knowledge, leaving me with an abundance I often don't know what to do with. (Did I mention, I have to write everything down?) God is so very generous to continue to pour His wisdom out, however, He's calling me to something else. He's calling me to a difference pace and a different direction. He's calling me to rest. 

The timing of my job ending could not be more ideal. I get to sit down at the start of the month and work on my favorite thing, PowerSheets. This allows me to process everything that's in my head, and come up with a very intentional plan that I can move forward on little by little through the month of July. In addition to the long list I want to accomplish on my time off, God is calling me to participate in this month's Revelation Wellness Challenge group. This commitment is entirely unexpected.  I participated in my first challenge last month, and it was incredible. It isn't for lack of goodness that I don't want to continue. It's because of capacity. 

With all I hope to accomplish in July, it seemed unrealistic to add any additional commitments, even with the extra time. So with hesitation, I opened the Facebook group to check it out. It only took a handful of seconds before it was evident this was where God wanted me. 

As I read the hashtag for July, I instantly broke down into tears. I knew God wanted to use the focus for the month to speak deeply to my heart as this emotion was beyond what I would typically express. These tears were not inspired by heartbreak or a dramatic moment but sparked by love. Deep passionate love, perfect love the Father desires to pour out on me for my 38 Days of Submission. 

My proclivity is to strive, and my good and loving Father knows my focus for the next month is best-served on rest and renewal. This time between jobs is an opportunity for me to do exactly that, and it is an abundant blessing I want to use for his glory.