June Recap & July Goals

With this being my first post going over my monthly goals, I feel it would be best suited to let you know goal planning is my love language. I've learned living an intentional life doesn't come from auto-pilot. It was when I began goal planning I learned I don't have to aimlessly wandering through my 365 days. Spending time to process life and getting refocused each month has brought me so much joy. I use PowerSheets for my goal planning and HIGHLY recommend it!


June Recap

I felt pretty uneasy headed into June. There were a few things I didn't have clarity on, and waiting was the only way for me to gain it. While the month wasn't crazy packed, I still had a lot that took my attention, in addition to still adjusting to my husband's crazy work schedule. The month was a blur and things didn't go as planned, but that's where grace comes in. Something I really learned to rest in as I reflected on the past month. 

My focus word for June month was: EMBRACE. 


With all the unknowns, God gave me this word to help me accept what he had put before me, as he already knew what June was going to look like. I realized so often I discredit God showing up.  When I sat down to envision June, I did not factor the abundance God wanted to reveal me. Expecting God to show up is an area I would love to grow in, as I disregard his presence in my future days, even when I'm confidence of him in my present days. So while goal wise, I may not have accomplished all I had hoped to, God used all that took place in June to draw me much closer to him. 

Top Three Goals I Accomplished:

  • Putting in my Two Weeks at Work - This was a big unknown to me. While I had interviewed with two firms, neither of them were in a position to hire right away. When I put my goals down for June, I didn't have a clue if I would have a job offer by the end of the month. It was a hope and prayer of mine, so in faith wrote it down. God showed up in his perfect timing as he always does, and I was able to put my two weeks in wrapping my career up at Edward Jones just one day short of the end of the month!
  • Going to Vegas - I didn't necessarily define what this needed to look like, but I did put it on my goals as the time away to rest and recharge had reached a desperate level. I was so thankful for the trip and hope to reflect on all that God revealed when I got back. 
  • #BoldInTheSoul - Have you ever put something on your to-do list you already completed, just so you can cross it off? Well, this was one of those for me. It was a priority and goal for the month of June. I just stumbled across it after I did my goal planning. It was something I was faithful to and so put it down just to cross it off! I hope to reflect on some of the revelation God had for me in that challenge! It was amazing. 

Three Goals I Didn't Accomplish: 

  • Edit/Deliver Weddings - This is something that has been a big challenge for me. Finding the time to make progress on editing consistently has been the biggest challenge. As a Wedding Photographer, I need to build this into my day so I'm not always behind the ball, turning the editing process into a burden. (Only working 30 hrs/week at my future job should help in this area as well.) While editing is not as fun as capturing the day, it is such a rewarding process to finalize the photos and deliver them. This is a top priority for July and I'm committing to having a set amount of time dedicated to editing every day. 
  • GTD - The Getting Things Done (GTD) mentality is one I'm working to develop in my life. I find such value out of it when I'm doing it, but so quickly fall off the wagon when it comes to being consistent. I had wanted to really use Nozbe for tracking all things GTD, however, I didn't touch the app in June. Since I've neglected it, I've gotten behind the ball, making this helpful app, no longer helpful. This will also be a goal in July as I look to implement it, even more, going forward. 
  • Life - While this might seem dramatic. All the things I typically like to stay up on, such as meal planning, my budget, date night, etc., just didn't happen. I'm not sure where my time or capacity went, but it was nearly impossible to find. God in his grace still made June a great month, as he poured out his abundant love and grace, leaving me wrapping up June with a full and thankful heart. 

July Goals

  • Edit and Deliver all Pending Weddings/Sessions
  • GTD all of life 
  • Complete goal planning for my Photography Business. 
  • Serve the Church
  • 38 Days of Submission
  • Limit Social Media/Screen Time
  • Clean Trailer & Sell It
  • Revelation Wellness July Challenge - REST
  • Decision on Revelation Wellness Instructor Training
  • Catch Up on my One Little Word monthly projects.

Looking at all of these seem to be quite overwhelming. Having the month of July off before I start my new job does open up capacity to make substantial progress. Typing these here does provide additional accountability that will be helpful to have. I can see why God wanted me to focus on rest for July as my default will be to strive. God doesn't want me to push hard to accomplish and look back and miss him in the moments. That is opposite the life he is calling me to. With intention and submission, I'll prioritize rest and expect him to show up and accomplish all that needs to be done.