One Beautiful Life Blog Birth Story - Part 2

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When I set aside the desire to figure out what to create on my blog, I imagined when the timing in my life was right, I'd pick it back up similarly to where I had left off.

After God gave me the three phrases on which I'd build my blog, I began to see the direction I was headed was beyond my imagination.

In this, God showed me how He is able to provide so much more when I choose to be still. Something I struggle hard to do.

So after God provided clarity, I started to take action in new ways. Now everything I took in funneled through this direction and began to piece together and make sense of what had left me so very lost before.

God shifted something inside of me to be able to have peace when it came to taking action and so I continued in that.

Or so I had thought.

First Months

While my vision was birthed into my world, and I no longer had that unknown sensation of where am I headed. In one way it did become clear. However, it also became increasingly messy and complicated.

While I was ready to tell the world and run on mission like never had before, I had zero momentum behind me nor the capacity to make it all happen.

As I failed to produce blog posts, I began to discredit what God provided once again. Thinking, I may have gotten the vision on the first, exactly nine months later, but with nothing happening with my blog, it surely couldn't have been from him. 

How quickly I discount the work, God is doing in my life. 

Early Morning Wake-Up

So two months later, a whole lot of nothing is still going on. I became increasingly defeated as we got close to November as I could see the end of the year just around the corner. Being the planner that I am, how was I to begin planning for 2019 in regards to my blog when I accomplished zero and still not moving forward?

I set this aside and once again just surrender the process to Jesus.

I go about life, and on the morning of November 1st I wake up at 3 AM. Completely wide awake I quickly realized I wasn't going to be able to fall back asleep. I love my sleep and rarely struggle with insomnia, so this was entirely out of the ordinary. 

I decided to open up Trello and begin working on some hashtags for a post I wanted to create in the morning.

As I started to consider what to put down, my fingers started typing. I honestly can't describe what happened at this moment because four hours later, after fearlessly putting my thumbs to the tiny letters on my iPhone, I had put together 2300 words outlining the content and direction for my blog. 

Once again, God shows up on the 1st when I least expect it and provides in such beautiful ways that go beyond my wildest imagination. While I like to think there is nothing special about the 1st of the month, I believe God knows deep down how the start of the month makes this planner gals heart so happy!

Those Two Extra Months

It didn't connect back with my analogy at first, but after a little more time, and no longer having my brain operating in the middle of the night, I realized that once my friends give birth, it takes them a couple months to adjust to taking care of this new life. 

It just took two months to be in a position where I felt adjusted enough to the idea before I could have the clarity on what direction I could head. In that waiting time, I was able to learn so much that put me in a  position to be ready to share it with the world!

Over this past year, I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine. God has been so faithful to provide clear structure, wisdom, and direction in his perfect timing.

I can often look at my blog as a form of my selfish ambition, and God is helping me see this has always been about my sanctification. He has worked in me so much growth I couldn't have imagined going through this year without this being part of it.

What’s Next

I'm now ready to share it with the world and to begin helping people live out their One Beautiful Life for Jesus. 

While clarity still comes with my dependence on the Spirit, I’m learning so much of how to function with less capacity and what abundance he provides when I sacrifice my agenda to keep my full devotion to him.

My life is so full and building a blog seems nearly impossible, but God keeps opening doors and making a way.

In this season, it means early mornings and who knows if I'll have any more sleepless nights. I feel God is calling me to focus on the first of my three topics. So planning will be the direction I'm headed in this next season. 

Seeing that we're just a few weeks away from year-end planning, I figured it couldn’t have come at a better time! The current plan is to start with a five-day devotional email that dives into what it looks like to plan from a foundation of faith beginning at the end of November. 

God has given me a big vision when it comes to faith-based goal planning, and there are a few key scriptures he's lead me to in this. I'd like to dig into those deeper with you all and share resources to go with it. 

This is where I'd like to invite you on this journey and say that I'd love for you to join me. This vision God has given me for goal planning is different than anything else I’ve seen out there, and I've been swimming in the deep end with regards to planning for quite some time.

I believe God doesn't desire us to overcomplicate our obedience to him, and at the same time clearly calls us to specific actionable items that he invites us to walk in. I'll be sharing more here on my blog and Instagram, but I'd encourage you to sign up for this five-day email series below.

I'd love for you to share something you feel like God is growing for you in this season as I'd love to help encourage you towards that vision God has put in your life!