The Choice to Choose

Happy Friday!! We've made it, and we hope you've been able to get a tiny taste of where we're headed! We're SO excited for our first series to kick off on Monday! But before we get there, we thought we'd lay a quick foundation. 

Trust us when we say, we'll be coming back to all the things we talk about here. This post is in no way a deep dive, but more of a 10,000-foot flyover on the foundation of why the concept of "One Beautiful Life" matters. 

And if you know us, we struggle not to dig deep. So we're going to try and do our best to tackle some massive concepts in hopefully a short amount of time so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride.

As we get started here, we wanted to be sure we're all on the same page as you may have your thoughts on what "One Beautiful Life" means to you. And we want that. We want each person making this motto their own and something we will always encourage our community to tackle and define individually.

However, because this community is about the glory of God, we believe it's essential to tackle a few foundational concepts that will stay the same across the board for everyone here who is digging deep.

To get there, we have to back it up a little bit. Well, maybe a lot a bit. I told you to buckle up! We're headed back to the beginning. You may be thinking, the beginning of what? Our answer is to start at the beginning to all of Creation. 

In addition to what we share here, we want to encourage you to dig into the first few chapters of Genesis on your own, which is where we spent our time creating this post. There are components we didn't include here but found to be so foundational. For this blog post, we're going to discuss just a few concepts and not the exact each verse at this time. We hope to come back to that before too long.

So we'll first start with the concept of free will — the choice to choose. 

The thing with choice is that it must exist for us to have love. If God didn't give us free will, we couldn't have the capacity for love. God didn't create us to be robots and do everything he demands of us, but instead, He created and invited us into a life with him by giving us a choice.

In addition to choice, as you'll read in Genesis, God also gave us specific purpose from the beginning.

So God created Adam, and then God created a garden for Adam to live out his purpose in his life. In this garden contained so many good things for us, but he also creates a tree that contained the knowledge of good and evil. 

When we were digging into this, we also found it fascinating that God created Eve after he created the garden. 

He establishes how free will exists by means of a tree and gives Adam his purpose to work and take care of what God had given him. 

However, God did not see Adam doing this alone as good. 

So he created Eve and gives her a purpose. 

To help Adam, who is not in a good situation when it comes to taking care of what God has given Him, without her. 

As a woman, we were God's idea. He didn't believe this world was how it should be without us. God is the most pro-woman "person" that exists. We were his good and perfect idea.

So now, Adam and Eve are together. They are also in the midst of a single tree that held the power of life and death. Well, not precisely the tree per se, but it was the choice that the tree provided because God wanted us to know what it was like to love and be loved. 

This tree gave us the option to choose to believe the words God said to his people. We were given perfection with no need to question God's design. In our limited knowledge, we chose not God at his word, and when the enemy came after our life, he asked us the question, "Did God really say?"

This question, in turn, caused us to question the truth giver. We no longer believed the words God said, so we took matters into our own hands, making a choice that told God we knew better. 

In a way, we had decided that we wanted to be God.

You may be reading all of this and thinking one of three things:

Maybe it's, "Yeah, I know." To that we want to say, let's dig deeper still. God is a deep well that doesn't run dry. Like we discovered about the creation of Eve after the Garden, we're confident you can't reach the depth of a topic with him. We believe he has a new thing he wants to show you in this place and we want to invite you into that. 

Or maybe you're thinking, "yeah, but I don't know how much I believe all of this." Due to the purpose of this post, we won't have time to dig into this, but we want to make sure you know we see you. When we share things here, we don't want you to take us at our word. We want you to have in-depth knowledge when it comes to what you believe so you can make decisions from an educated place. We want this space to provide you with that. So please stick with us. Share with us your questions and what you'd like to learn more about so we can dig deeper together! The needs of this community will be what influences where we head, so if you're here, we'd love for you to share so we can join you on that journey. 

Or maybe you read through the first chapters of Genesis and think, "I wasn't there, so I'm not the responsible party, why does this matter to me." To that we want to say, every day we're given the same choice for obedience. Because Jesus lived a sinless life, we also have that option. 

Jesus' life shows us that perfection is possible. Jesus spent every day taking God at his word. When the enemy tried to come after his life, and asked the question, "Did God really say?", he responded with what God actually said. 

If we're honest, we'd all agree it doesn't take long after our feet hit the ground to find a place where we're questioning God and thinking we know a better way. So instead, let's decide to agree with God and take him at his word. To choose to live this life for him and through him and to him. The very foundation from which all of this exists.

Does that mean we do it perfectly? Most definitely not. If we could live perfect in this life, Jesus wouldn't have needed to die for us. He could have come down to earth and showed us what it was like to live a perfect life. But because Jesus died for us, God knew perfection wasn't a thing for us this side of eternity. 

Again, it hurts to stay so high level here, but bear with us as we keep flying over! 

So what do we do with our days now that we know God has created us with a purpose and wants us to take him at his word? Our answer to this question is to choose to live our lives in the way He designed and planned. 

Which leads us to the reality that with this choice comes great responsibility, but because Jesus came and lived a perfect life for us, we are given so much freedom when it comes to living our life out for him. 

One of the most important questions we could ask would be, do we agree with God when it comes to what He has to say about our purpose in life. If we do, then what are we to do with our days, with our one life. 

So, in addition to that, how does the word beautiful fit in? Well, you'll have to stay tuned for our redefine post to learn more, but we believe God desires us and has given us a purpose to make this world beautiful. 

As women, we are gifted specifically with a calling to create beauty around us. 

God created us in His image and His crescendo of creation. And this is what God's glory is all about. God is beyond our imagination, but he still makes himself known as we live our lives reflecting him. As we do this, he makes our lives beautiful. But this is where the redefine portion comes in. 

Because sin exists, when we think of the word beautiful, it gets distortion. For most of us, beautiful means the American dream: a beautiful house, a full bank account, and a flat stomach.

When in fact the American dream is not what God has in mind, and it falls so short of the depth of what God has to offer us that when you see what God desires for us, it makes the American dream no longer desirable. Again, more content for another day.

So back to what we're founded on, which leaves us with the final point for today.

We are building our foundation on the words of God found in the Bible. We plan to dig DEEP into all the various components and implications of this because again, we don't want people to just take our word for it. We want each of you to decide on your own, to take God at His word. And we want to help point you to tools and resources that help you with precisely that.

So on Monday, we're going to kick off our series redefining "One Beautiful Life" and start with digging deep into the word Life, what the world has to say about it, what God has to say about it, and better yet at the end of the day, helping you better understand what the word means to you in your life.

Because this community will always be about pointing you to dig deeper in your faith, we want to end the week with some questions to help you take this even further. 

  1. When I hear One Beautiful Life, what do I think about? Any verses? Thoughts? Questions? Feelings?

  2. When it comes to the first few chapters of Genesis, did you read them? Why or Why Not? If so, did you see anything new? Any questions, thoughts, feelings?

  3. After reading this week's blog posts and thinking about the concept of choice. Thoughts? Questions? Feelings?

  4. Write out each word: One. Beautiful. Life. List a sentence or two about what first comes to mind when you think about that word.

We believe God always wants to go deep with us and promises that if we seek Him, we will find Him. Not that he is hiding but that we can begin to see him more clearly the more we keep our face directed to him. 

We are so excited for next week and look forward to you joining us there. 

With love. In Christ. 

The OBL Gals