Where to Start

We spent a lot of time discussing where to start. We had so many great ideas that were in so many different directions; it seemed somewhat impossible to pick where to begin. However through it all, the word "redefine" continued to come up over and over.

The heart of this community is to cut through what is holding us back so we can live unashamed and unafraid. We want to help others step into the life God has for them when they begin to take Him at his word and respond with bold obedience

As we discussed the foundation of this community, we realized we all come from different places in our lives and faith. We knew the women in this community would be as well. We want diversity here, so we don't want that to change. But we also want unity here, which means this space can't be about anything other than Jesus' agenda.

When we think about entering the Christian community with this desire, unity seems rather daunting. We can all attest to other spaces online where it becomes a war zone between Christians bickering about theology, asking for prayer through the filter of a rant or gossip, or simply just being more interested at growing their kingdom instead of God's.

Thinking we can create something different in many ways seems impossible.

Or at least that is what the enemy wants us to believe.

But God isn't scared of the impossible.

He wants us to show up and give it a try anyway.

However, the foundation from which we start does matter. Which is why we're launching with the redefine series first.

So what will we be tackling in our redefine series?

The very name of this community.

One Beautiful Life.

And then after that we’ll dig into our values.

Faith. Discipline. Growth. Grace.

Since we are all about upside-down living, we figured we'd start backward!

So first up, we will be tackling the world "Life." next week.

We'll discuss what the world has to say about it, and what God has to say about it.

Then the week after we are tackling the word "Beautiful." The week following we will be ending the initial start of our series with the word "One."

We almost skipped the last one (no pun intended)! In many ways it seemed so obvious, making it pointless for a post. However, the very day we were thinking about skipping, God poured out a ton of thoughts on the word "one," and we are now excited to be digging into that word as well!

We have one more introductory post planned for you all this week which will begin to dig deep into the foundation from which we're building.

We'll be tackling some in-depth and complex topics which we are confident the post will fall short on, but we are hoping we can do our best to get at least the conversation started as we will be coming back to these ideas over and over.

So stay tuned!

In the meantime, be sure to sign up to receive our free download, which is our Faith Over Fear worksheet. We would love for you to share what God has been revealing as we get started! If you've downloaded it, let us know by tagging us @onebeautifullifeco or using #oblco over on Instagram to show us that you're joining us on this journey!!

We are so thankful you are here, we are praying for you, and we are so excited you're joining us from the beginning.

We look forward to digging deep with you!

With Love. In Christ.

The OBL Gals!