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COME JOIN US!! You Are The Girl For The Job Book Study!



This book is extra special to us as Jena participated in Jess’ Go + Tell Coaching Program AND it was through it that One Beautiful Life Co. was created. A good amount of the content they covered in the program is contained in the pages of this book so we are firm believers in the messages Jess has to share!

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The Choice to Choose

As we get started here, we wanted to be sure we're all on the same page as you may have your thoughts on what "One Beautiful Life" means to you. And we want that. We want each person making this motto their own and something we will always encourage our community to tackle and define individually.

However, because this community is about the glory of God, we believe it's essential to tackle a few foundational concepts that will stay the same across the board for everyone here who is digging deep.

To get there, we have to back it up a little bit. Well, maybe a lot a bit. I told you to buckle up! We're headed back to the beginning. You may be thinking, the beginning of what? Our answer is to start at the beginning to All of Creation.

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Where to Start

We spent a lot of time discussing where to start. We had so many great ideas that were in so many different directions; it seemed somewhat impossible to pick where to begin. However through it all, the word "redefine" continued to come up over and over.

The heart of this community is to cut through what is holding us back so we can live unashamed and unafraid. We want to help others step into the life God has for them when they begin to take Him at his word and respond with bold obedience

As we discussed the foundation of this community, we realized we all come from different places in our lives and faith. We knew the women in this community would be as well. We want diversity here, so we don't want that to change. But we also want unity here, which means this space can't be about anything other than Jesus' agenda.

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We're So Glad You're Here

We’re passionate about encouraging and equipping women, like you, to cultivate their One Beautiful Life to the glory of God, and we would love for you to join us on this journey! 

We have so many exciting things planned! From tangible resources, to an online community, we’re committed to helping you dig deeper in your faith, which is the heart, and mission behind One Beautiful Life Co. 

We have big dreams for this space and we know they are from God because we have had front row seats to so many components he’s orchestrated together. He has brought to life a desire he birthed in Jena nine years ago, and now it has turned into something beyond our imagination. You can learn a little bit more about our story here, and we look forward to sharing more along the way.

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One Beautiful Life Blog Birth Story - Part 2

While I was ready to tell the world and run on mission like never had before, I had zero momentum behind me nor the capacity to make it all happen. As I failed to produce blog posts, I began to discredit what God provided once again. Thinking, I may have gotten the vision on the first, exactly nine months later, but with nothing happening with my blog, it surely couldn't have been from him. 

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I discovered a new word today. It was during the Fierce Faith Summit led by Alli Worthington. I forgot this was something I signed up for, which isn't too surprising, as I'm an avid "signer-upper" of all the things. 

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