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Define Life

So here we go! Kicking off our first series with the word: Life.

We're all intimately connected to the word life since it applies to us all.

However, we can live as if this word doesn't apply, going through seasons or years to come to a point you realize you weren't fully living life. It’s only when we step into life, we recognize that we weren't living it.

That's because there are two components to the word life. 1. The reality we are alive and breathing 2. The quality of the life we are breathing.

When it comes to the first component, the dictionary defines life as the "State of which natural functions and motions are performed." "The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional body from a dead body."

So if you are alive and have life, your body can function or have the capability to be renewed. Life ends when this is no longer an option.

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