Our Team

We are a group of gals God orchestrated together.

God planted a dream in Jena’s heart nine years ago and as she struggled to figure out what to do with it, God led her to see her need for help. God abundantly answered this prayer! If you know anything about the Enneagram then when you read our bio’s below you’ll see that abundance!

We had been living together in community for around a year and little did we know God would connect us all to move this vision forward. As she shared her heart, each of us fell in love with the mission and vision. 

We began to meet weekly to talk about what this might look like and God showed up and turned this into something beyond our imagination!

God has given us all the passion to encourage and equip women to cultivate their One Beautiful Life for the glory of God and the good of others.

We are so eager to see what God has placed inside of those who joins us on this journey!



content creator

The fact that you are here reading these words is complete evidence of God’s grace and faithfulness to the dreams He places in of each of us.

I want you to live unafraid and unashamed of doing the work God created for you in advance. Not losing sight of our one goal in life, to love God and love others.

I’ve been afraid of my selfish ambition and my too muchness, while feeling inadequate all at the same time BUT God has helped me to see grace, community and obedience fuels traction that can only be attributed to God.

Because I’ve struggled to take God seriously, and now that I have, I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to respond in faith instead of fear. I now want to encourage women to move forward on our God given dreams today. To not wait until we feel like we’ve arrived or feel fully prepared.

I want to also help equip women to do what God has for them today by helping them dig deep in their faith. God has given me big dreams for this space but what matters most to me is that you become confident in the fact that you’re not alone and your God given ambitions are His idea.

BIGGEST DREAM: To see women step forward in faith towards their God given dreams through the work of One Beautiful Life Co. 
BIGGEST FEAR: Selfish Ambition
• PROFESSIONALLY: Photographer
YOU CAN FIND ME: Editing. Studying the Bible. Listening to podcasts or audio books. Marco Polo’ing. 
RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME: Lived in a travel trailer for four years while building our home with my husband and two dogs.




creative mastermind
maker of all things pretty
plant enthusiast + expert napper

I am passionate about nurturing, helping and seeing things grow. Whether plants or people, I love rooting (pun intended) for others.  Having the opportunity to come alongside those in my life and help them create plans for their success brings me so much joy.

It’s been exciting to be part of a community that prioritizes and thrives on it’s reliance on Jesus instead of our own strength. This has helped me to learn what it means to be vulnerable, and find Christ’s strength in my weaknesses.

I’ve always struggled with falling into the comparison trap, and believing the lies that I am not enough or worthy of love. God continues to show me that even in my smallest steps towards Him it’s still enough to cause growth in my life.

My hope is that this community helps you to take those forward steps in your faith as well. I want this place to be a space where you are known, loved and valued so that you can grow into who God created you to be.

Full-time arts director // Part-time freelance designer
• YOU CAN FIND ME: snuggling with my two dogs, talking to my plants, experimenting with new recipes, practicing typography or spending time with my boyfriend, Nick.
• RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME: God led me to moving to Washington but I was born and raised in Texas, even though my lack of an accent says otherwise.



encourager of dreams
writer + editor
champion at getting things done

I am passionate about helping others realize their value. I want you to know you are beautiful, known and loved. I want you to live in freedom, not placing yourself in boxes others may have given you.

I’ve spent so much time being concerned about others understanding me. Fearful of people thinking I’m either “in-genuine” or “over-excited.” A victim to both of the too much or not enough fears, BUT I have found that God has made me the way I am for a reason.

Most people find that I am a lot deeper than I may let on initially and since I am an Enneagram 2w3, I love to help people and get things done so you can find me doing multiple tasks and conquering a few goals at a time.

What matters most to me and my hope for this community is to cultivate a place where you too can feel known, loved and be reminded of your true identity, a Child of the One true King.

• BIGGEST DREAM: Write a Book
• BIGGEST FEAR: Missing God’s call
• PROFESSIONALLY: Marketing Project Manager // Content Writer
• YOU CAN FIND ME: Eating, Reading/Writing, Loving my Friends + Family, Running
• RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME: I went to college at Biola University, then worked a ‘dream job’ at Amazon in Florida. There, God changed my dreams and I moved back to the Northwest, where I grew up.





I love God and love people. I am most passionate about us misfits and reminding you that you are our friend, you belong, and are loved. Through Him.

I often feel as if I’m falling behind or can’t keep up with others around me BUT God has continuously met me where I’m at and reminds me to FIRST seek Him and His kingdom rather than the broken kingdom of this world.

Though I am not entirely sure of what God has designed for me in this space just yet, I do know that He’s called me to keep showing up. To be completely transparent, and to offer what God has put on my heart.

Community matters the most to me, and my biggest hope and prayer for you is that you will be encouraged, challenged, and reassured by your place here so that you can live out the One Beautiful Life that God has in store for you!

• BIGGEST DREAM: Exchange stories with people while traveling the world with my husband
• BIGGEST FEAR: Not listening to God and missing His plans for my life
• PROFESSIONALLY: Civil engineer and getting my feet wet on the environmental side of engineering (yes, pun intended!)
• YOU CAN FIND ME: Dancing in the kitchen, hanging out with friends, reading a mystery novel, planning my next adventure.
• RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME: (not so) secret hip-hop head