Our Team

We are a group of gals that God orchestrated together.

Our story is pretty amazing, and we hope to one day share more about it.

For now we want you to know it all began when Jena, the founder of One Beautiful Life Co., attended IF Gathering in 2018 and heard a teaching on Jesus’ command in Matthew to go and make disciples.

For the first time she heard this as a command and committed to finding three women to disciple over the next year. As she prayed daily and continued to take God seriously, God began to work in the lives of each of us, bringing us together in some crazy ways!

We had been meeting for about a year when Jena felt God calling her to share a dream planted in her heart nine years prior. She had been trying to have an online blog, but as a visionary, she struggled to gain traction.

As she shared her heart, each of us fell in love with the mission and vision of One Beautiful Life Co. We began to meet weekly to talk about what this might look like and God showed up and turned this into something beyond our imagination!

We’d be lying if we said we had this all figured out. The truth is we’re far from that. Even as you’re reading this today, we’re simply showing up and asking God what’s next. We may not know all the specifics but we do know for now God has given us a passion to encourage and equip women to cultivate their One Beautiful Life for the glory of God.

We are so eager to see what God has placed inside of those who joins us on this journey!